ActionSA concludes plans to be 2nd biggest party in 2024

Herman Mashaba |

13 February 2022

Governance unit to be established, public policy process initiated, and political academic to be set up

ActionSA Concludes Plans to be 2nd Biggest Party in 2024

13 February 2022

ActionSA’s Interim Senate has concluded a three-day strategic planning process that has resolved that the party must emerge from the 2024 national and provincial election as the 2nd biggest party in South Africa only behind the ANC.

The Senate, ActionSA’s highest decision-making body, grappled with matters about South Africa’s trajectory and how the party can build upon its 2021 local government election success, and build on its achievements as a party attracting grass roots support from all communities across South Africa. 

In particular, the Senate resolved that:

President Ramaphosa’s SONA was yet another leadership failure in a long line of failures exhibited by the President. It formed a stark reminder to our strategic planning processes of the responsibility that lies with ActionSA.


The success of our election results in 2021 be attributed fully to the volunteers of ActionSA who worked tirelessly to build our party, without the publicly funded resources that other political parties benefit from.

ActionSA must emerge from the 2024 national and provincial elections as the 2nd biggest party in South Africa and in a position to lead a multi-party alternative to the ANC.

We must continue to build a true non-racial home for all South Africans and must continue to demonstrate the diversity of our country.

A governance unit be established and capacitated in the Party under the leadership of Dr Nasiphi Moya, the purpose of which would be the training and performance management of our councillors and the strategic support to our MMCs.