AfriForum neighbourhood watch prevents farm attack – POLITICS

It is clear that the attackers planned the crimes well and also know the area very well

Success: AfriForum neighbourhood watch prevents farm attack

1 September 2022

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Brits, North West, on 31 August managed to prevent a farm attack.

Around midnight, the neighbourhood watch received an emergency call from a resident on a farm outside the town. According to the victim, at that stage a group of suspects had already cut her farm’s fence and were breaking down her house’s door. AfriForum neighbourhood watch members reacted immediately and the attackers fled the scene.

Sniffer dogs were deployed to track down the suspects.

Two hours later, the neighbourhood watch received another emergency call in the same area. In this incident, a security guard was attacked by a group of eight suspects. The attackers were once again pursued and several observation posts were set up in the area.

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