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Party says SA is dependent on electricity which is not available and liquid fuel which is not affordable

Petrol, diesel and electricity: An energy crisis and economic disaster

4 July 2022

South Africa’s energy crisis is turning into an economic disaster. At present, South Africans are dependent on electricity, which is not available, and liquid fuel, which is not affordable, for survival.

In addition, the households and businesses that increasingly rely on liquid fuel to meet their energy demands are also expected to pay fuel levies that are actually imposed specifically for road users.

Amid stage 6 load shedding, citizens got the news today that the price of petrol and diesel is once again increasing sharply this month: Petrol with up to R2,57 and diesel with R2,30 per litre. Nearly all petroleum products will cost more than R25 per litre from now on.

Although a country’s economy is usually measured in terms of monetary value, energy consumption is a more accurate indication thereof. The fluctuating value of currency makes it difficult to determine exactly how much economic activity is represented by a certain amount of Rand or Dollar.

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