Commonwealth Games 2022 day 7 live: medal tally, schedule, results

The pin-up of world swimming Ben Proud powered to win 50m freestyle at the Commonwealth Games.

England’s Proud, who won the world title in Budapest in June, qualified third fastest for the final but the result was never in doubt.

Another thing that was never in doubt was the sprinter’s status as the owner of the best rig in Birmingham.

With his signature windmill freestyle, the popular swimmer was third quickest in the heats, but he easily led the final and never looked back. It was the 27-year-old’s third straight 50m freestyle Commonwealth title.

“This is what the whole thing’s about,” he said after the semi final.

Proud finished ahead of Lewis Burras and third was Canadian Joshua Leiendo Edwards, who has had a breakthrough international meet.

Australia’s Tom Nowakowski finished sixth and Grayson Bell eighth.

Swimmer reveals SpongBob diet

What does every athlete crave once a major competition has ended? Fast food apparently and that’s just what Aussie swim champion Elijah Winnington sought out after his impressive medal haul at the Commonwealth Games.

Fresh from winning gold in the 400m freestyle and 4x200m free relay and then bronze in the 200m, Winnington admitted that it was all pizza, ice cream and SpongBob.

“I will put my hand up, I think I’ve had pizza every meal since I finished swimming on Day 4,” he told Channel 7. “So I’ve had about…I mean, it’s only been, what, two days and I think I had maybe seven or eight pizzas.

“I actually went straight to the village where there’s a little shop, you can buy these massive tubs of Ben & Jerry ice-cream. (I thought) Alright, I’ll get one, treat myself. It will last me two days…I sat down and watched an episode of ‘SpongeBob’ and it was gone by the end of it.”

Winnington is well known for posting SpongeBob SquarePants content on his Instagram account. An avid fan of the cartoon, it’s his go to show pre- and post races.

“Everyone knows that’s my thing,” he added.

“Calms me down, gets me ready. No-one can hate on me, it’s the greatest show on earth. It’s all over my Instagram.

“People actually think that I’m just having a laugh, but it’s actually a good show. I think I just find it so hilariously funny.”

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