Confirmation that Ramaphosa uses his farm to launder money – EFF – POLITICS

Fighters say president runs a well-established syndicate in which he uses his employees to avoid any direct links with his crimes

EFF statement on Cyril Ramaphosa confirmation and knowledge of illicit money being kept on Phala Phala farm

6 September 2022

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is not surprised that Ramaphosa has confirmed to the Public Protector, that he had knowledge of $580 000 dollars (R8 million) at his farm, 45-days before the illegal money was stolen.

In what is a leaked response to the Public Protector by the money-laundering Ramaphosa, he confirms that the illicit dollars were given to an employee at Phala Phala Farm, by an individual named Mustaf Mohamed Ibrahim Hazim.

The money which was given to Ramaphosa through an employee, was then shifted around Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala property, until it was stashed in his furniture, in the name of keeping the money safe. In a quest to keep his illegal money “safe”, Ramaphosa never considered utilising a credible financial institution or a bank, and instead used furniture like a drug-smuggler, because he knew he was laundering money.

Ramaphosa’s claims that the money was given to his staff member in 2019 for the sale of buffalo, and the numerous claims that the illicit money stolen at his farm were proceeds of game hold no ground, because the animals he supposedly sold are still on Phala Phala Farm two-years later.

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