DA stoops to new low with Diepsloot SMS – Herman Mashaba – POLITICS

This accused ActionSA leader of “fanning flames of xenophobia, which could lead to a repeat of last year’s riots & chaos”

DA SMS Invokes Fear Mongering and Uses Tragedy for Political Gain

08 April 2022

This afternoon the Democratic Alliance (DA) stooped to a new low in releasing an SMS broadly which sought to manipulate the pain of the recent events in Diepsloot.

The wording of the SMS can be read below:

“Populists like Mashaba are fanning flames of xenophobia, which could lead to a repeat of last year’s riots & chaos.”

The DA’s willingness to use the pain of the recent violence in Diepsloot and combine it with the excruciating memory that lingers with South Africans of the July unrest last year, only serves to demonstrate how tone-deaf the DA has become in repeating their ‘Phoenix Poster’ mistake.

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