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Motorists who apply for renewal before 31 March will have automatic 3 month extension

Transport presses an aggressive mode to clear driving licence backlog

24 March 2022

The national Department of Transport is well on track with the production of outstanding driving licence cards. The bottleneck experienced between November 2021 and January 2022 will be cleared off by April 2022. The renewal backlog that was experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic grace period will be cleared off by September 2022.

The following regulation will apply in due course:

Motorists who apply to renew their driving licence cards before 31 March 2022, will have their driving licences valid for a further 3 months on condition that they are in possession of their old driving licence cards. They must also have proof of fees paid for the application to renew in a form of a receipt.

The regulation is also applicable to those who have applied to renew their driving licence cards since 25 February 2022 and before the end of the grace period of 31 March 2022. Their driving licence cards will also be valid for a further period of three months.

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