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EFF condemns the hijacking of EFF Head of Presidency, Commissar Viyani Pambo

28 June 2022

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) condemns the hijacking of the EFF Head of Presidency, Commissar Vuyani Pambo on the evening of the 27th of June 2022.

In a trend of violent crime which characterises South African society, three-armed men approached the car of Commissar Pambo, taking his vehicle and demanding money.

The individuals, who were three well-built, masked men operated with precision, and took the vehicle of Commissar Pambo outside the household of his mother, which is in a quiet and unassuming neighbourhood.

The armed men drove around with the vehicle, and fled with his personal belongings which include his passport, identity document, organisational material and other valuables. After completing their heist, they left the car behind.

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