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BBC calls on Eskom to refrain targeting black and women-owned companies unfairly

19 August 2022

It has come to the attention of the Black Business Council (BBC) that Eskom has written to the National Treasury to blacklist Econ Oil and Energy (Pty) Ltd, a black female-owned company, from doing business with the state.

Surprisingly, Eskom never wrote to National Treasury to backlist state-capture linked SAP, McKinsey and Deloitte from doing business with the state. The latter even paid back RI 50 million to Eskom as an indication and acceptance of wrongdoing. The BBC suspects that the above-mentioned companies were spared because they are big, oligopolies and not black-owned.

It is the BBC’s firm believe that the action by Eskom continues to marginalise black-owned companies and is a reversal of the transformation agenda. The BBC calls on Eskom management to refrain from such actions and align itself with government’s transformation programme.

The BBC has continuously stated its opposition to any form of corruption, collusion, cartels, market concentration and marginalisation of black entities and professionals. The BBC calls on all other black and women-owned companies that were mistreated by Eskom to come forward (to the BBC) so that proper action can be taken.

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