Gambia: Fisheries Minister Visits Majilac Fishing Investment

The minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters on Monday visited the Majilac Fishing Investment Company limited to get firsthand information about the Gambian own fishing company.

The visit was meant to get firsthand information from all institutions working in the fisheries sector to enhance development.

Speaking to journalists at the fishing company, Musa Drammeh, minister of Fisheries expressed impression of the Gambia’s fishing company. “With what I heard from the fisheries observer and what I have seen on the ground, the company is doing very well.”

He said the Fisheries Ministry will give maximum support to all Gambians who are investing in the fishing industry to enhance development in the sector.

He advised Gambian youth working in the fishery industry to be vigilant and to ensure foreign investors are exploitative in the sector.

Minister Drammeh tasked Fisheries observers to ensure investors in the industry sell their catch in the country, saying selling Gambian fish out of the country is unacceptable.

Omar Abdullah Jagne, CEO of Majilac Group, described the visiting of the minister to his company as encouraging. He said: “It is always encouraging if a citizen making scarifies and contributing to national development to be recognise by the executive and the particular minister.”

Underlining the challenges Majilac Fishing Investment is facing, CEO Jagne said the company does not have skillful Gambians to operate the fishing troiler, noting he has employed foreign captains which he said is expensive.