Gambia: TK Motors’ Media Strategy Makes Its Products, Services More Visible

The effective use of the social media in today’s world is critical to the visibility and potential growth of institutions, especially in today’s competitive business world.

Most institutions were able to achieve greatness, thanks to their high-level engagement on media platforms.

TK Motors in the last few months has intensified its media campaigns by making sure that its products and services are being made available or visible on the social media platform.

Media and publicity

Zeinab Tannous is the Media Manager at TK Motors, and her work is more on marketing the institution and its products and services by making them known, more visible and appealing to the public.

She believes that the company is on a right trajectory to improve or enhance its online media content, thereby attracting target or new potential customers in the local market.

The company, she added, is also now doing well to promote its products and services to the public by using other means such as flyers and other advertisements on billboards and at the Banjul International Airport.

The former, however, is being hampered by the ongoing road construction projects in the Greater Banjul Area.

The Media Manager said the company intends to achieve this by expanding its content and presence on new digital media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok, etc.

She also spoke about their website, which is up and running, where customers could easily visit and know more about their products and services.

Zeina spoke highly of her resolve to improve the image of the company, saying her vision is to see the company grow bigger and better in the coming years.

This, she believes, can only be done by embarking on more aggressive media campaigns to enable them attract more customers both in The Gambia and outside.

However, dealing with different customers can sometimes be a demanding challenge, but one every successful company wants to be associated with. What makes businesses achieve greater success today does not only depend on their products and services, but more on being dependable, reliable, and trusted by customers.

“We want to take pride in our customers feeling at home when they come to us knowing that we will always strive to tailor-make solutions to suit their needs and step in to assist as and when they need us.”

For the past thirty-nine years, TK Motors has maintained its legacy in The Gambia motor industry, through the supply and delivery of reliable motor vehicles and genuine spare parts to its customers and it has been doing so in compliance with the laws of The Gambia.

During the Open day, we met briefly with the external lawyer of the company and asked him some questions on TK Motors, especially on the Janneh Commission report.

The lawyer explained that his work is to advise the company on compliance, due diligence, and regulatory matters.

“Being the exclusive distributors of the Mitsubishi and Hyundai brands, we also advise the company on trademarks particularly the protection of the brands – Mitsubishi and Hyundai from infringement or damage of its reputation by third parties within the territory.”


In every business there are bound to be challenges and TK Motors is no exception. Some of the challenges are more on defaulting customers who fail to fulfill their obligations either with respect to vehicles taken or failure to settle invoices for after sales services.

Having worked for the company for the past years, he hailed the work of the company especially in fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility.

“A classic example was during the coronavirus pandemic, the company through the vision of its Chief Executive Officer Tarek Musa deemed it necessary to support the government in fighting the pandemic by donating a Mitsubishi double cabin pickup which was very useful for the covid response team.”

“The work of TK Motors is really commendable. The services they offer to customers particularly post sale services are exceptional and unparalleled. As the approved sole distributor of Hyundai and Mitsubishi brands in The Gambia they have original genuine spare parts for all their brands at affordable prices. They are a trusted government for the supply and maintenance of government vehicles. “

Clarification on the outcome of the Janneh Commission findings

When quizzed on the above, the external counsel shed light on the issue, saying Tarek Musa, TKXport LLC, and TK Motors were adversely mentioned by the Commission which really affected their image and business dealings globally.

However, he informed that the company challenged the findings of the Commission in court which was laid to rest by the decision of The Court of Appeal of The Gambia dated 28th day of July 2020 wherein the court held as follows: