Game Review | The Waylanders – I’m not even angry, just disappointed

The lack of care shown to the story is the single on consistent element throughout the game. The characters were shown a lack of care, and their dialogue is so terribly awful, only accentuated by the bad voice acting. The choices you can make were shown a lack of care and don’t matter one bit and the gameplay was clearly shown no care at all.

I am by no means a gaming snob. There are many things other people will moan about that if I’m being frank, I ignore. My threshold is so high when it comes to bugs that I played Cyberpunk 2077 day one, ON CONSOLE and didn’t even moan… that much…

However, everything and everyone has their limits and man, oh man, did The Waylanders push and shove at mine. If I tell you that a game is unplayably bad, I mean it, and The Waylanders is unplayably bad.

But for the sake of fairness, let’s dig deep into our imaginations and pretend that none of the technical problems were there. Say the game ran smoothly, did was it was supposed to, and in general just worked. Would I recommend it now? No. While The Waylands can technically be fixed up with a lot of hard work and many more hours, the game that’s left would still be a very generic and boring real-time-with-pause RPG that can’t stand up to other, superior, games in the genre.

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