Garmin’s Best Multi-Sport Watch Just Got Better

The Garmin Fenix 7 range of watches has just landed – a little less than three years after its predecessor, the game-changing Fenix 6, came to market.

The Fenix 6 was arguably the most comprehensive multi-sport watch on the market (until now, of course) and featuring top-notch navigation tools and a huge array of advanced training features such as Recovery Time Advisor, VO2 Max Estimate and Daily Workout suggestions.

Like the 6, the Fenix 7 has been designed with adventurers in mind, as well as those wanting to get analytical about training to enhance performance.

Tracking Real-Time Exertion 

One of the most exciting additions to the Fenix 7 range is a Real-Time Stamina tool, which allows athletes to monitor and track exertion levels during training runs, rides or races. It gives you a live estimate of how you’re exerting energy during an activity, so you can gauge whether to push harder or hold back. There’s also a new Visual Race Predictor feature that takes into account running history and overall fitness to provide race finish-time estimates and goals 

Health Tracking 

The Fenix 7 isn’t designed solely for training, racing and gnarly off-road adventures. Packed with many features – including smart notifications delivered right on the wrist, contactless payment, wrist-based heart rate and stress tracking – it’s designed to be worn all day, every day. Plus, it’ll provide you with Garmin’s usual wellness insights, such as ‘Body Battery’ (which tells you how tired or rested you are), Fitness Age and Sleep Score. As with the Fenix 6 Pro, you can also download music straight to watch and enjoy music playlists from streaming services. 


Ultra Runners Specific 

For ultra-runners and adventure athletes, the new Up Ahead feature ie a real boon. It provides exact locations of aid stations, as well as upcoming trails and turns and remaining distance and elevation. In addition, you can also programme it to display performance metrics at defined checkpoints with a summary of the last split, and even programme a rest timer, so you can keep check of your progress and manage your time.

The Fenix 7 Series comes in three models: 

  • Fenix 7S,
  • Fenix 7 
  • Fenix 7X 

With options for standard (non-solar), Solar and Sapphire Solar editions.

See more on each option HERE


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