Gentoo Chick Gets Swimming Lessons at Sydney Aquarium

Charlie the three-month-old penguin chick has had her first swimming lessons at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. This footage, released by Sea Life on January 20, shows the penguin chick trying out water for the first time in the hands of keepers. The lessons started after Charlie lost her baby feathers and grew waterproof ones. “Charlie was quite nervous ahead of the swimming lessons today, which is definitely not unexpected! Learning to swim with over 30 adult gentoo penguins watching you must be a little be daunting,” Patrick Nelson, a penguin keeper at the aquarium, said. January 20 also marks Penguin Awareness Day, the aquarium said, noting that “out of the 18 penguin species worldwide, 12 of them are experiencing declining populations due to habitat loss, decreasing food stability, and human practices impacting breeding and foraging success.” Credit: Sea Life Sydney via Storyful

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