Have you ever tried to take a bone away from a Rottweiler?

David Bullard |

19 July 2022

David Bullard considers WSM’s question as to what the ANC would do if faced with a loss of power


There’s an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ where Jerry Seinfeld complains about the stand up comedian coming on before him telling the jokes he was about to tell.

Look, I have to admit to being a bit of a saddo on this one. I had never really watched much Seinfeld before but when the whole nine series of the show became available on Netflix during lockdown I tuned in.

The chief benefit was that the show was just over 20 mins long so ideal for a bit of brain calming before bedtime (with blue light filter glasses obviously) but it was also funny and had a brilliant cast. I have to also admit that I always found Julia Louis-Dreyfus who plays Elaine unbelievably sexy so that was a damn good reason for tuning in.

I feel a bit like Jerry Seinfeld this weekend after reading William Saunderson-Meyer’s chilling column last Saturday.

I had this whole plot in my mind for my Sunday scribbling of the Tuesday column and suddenly I have to think of a new line. But, hopefully I can expand on it because South Africa is poised to sink ever lower.


William asks whether the ANC will walk if they lose the election in 2024? My opening line was to be…. have you ever tried to take a bone away from a Rottweiler?

Not to be recommended I assure you and as a former Rottie owner you would be ill advised to even try and move the food bowl during feeding time. Much the same applies to the criminal syndicate known as the ANC currently bleeding the country dry. ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

Whether you’re talking about Western Cape independence or the possible loss of votes in a 2024 election the same rule applies. Those with their greedy snouts nearest to the food bowl will be most upset. They won’t throw their hands in the air and claim it was a free and fair election which they lost.

Never in your wildest woke dreams will they do that. They will mobilise criminal elements to ‘eliminate’ those who garnered more votes and they will hang on to power for dear life; as they already do at municipal level.


The real question though is whether South Africa will still exist in a recognisable form in 2024. Many media commentators confidently predict that the ANC will lose power in 2024 elections but that assumes elections will be held.

One must never rule out the possibility that elections would have to be ‘indefinitely postponed’ due to the Grand Command Council’s ruling that the ‘volatile situation in the country’ makes it impossible to hold democratic elections at the moment.

This decision (to protect democracy obviously) would be upheld by one of the many government appointed bodies to ensure transparency. We’ve seen this sort of nonsense already in some of the more absurd decisions from the Orwellian doublethink named ‘public protector’ and from the SA Human Rights Commission.

These organisations and their well-paid lackeys depend for their very existence on the blessing of the ANC’s top ranking mafiosi so why on earth would they rule against the piper who is playing the tune?