Kenya: 10 Kenya Power Managers Arrested Over Sabotage After Last Week’s Blackout

Nairobi — Ten Kenya Power managers have been arrested for alleged sabotage following last week’s national blackout.

According to the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti, the officials were charged with the responsibility of securing high voltage lines and transmission from the national grid

“We have ten senior KPLC officials in custody both from management and technical. They took part in a coordinated sabotage to bring down the entire infrastructure,” Kinoti told Capital FM News.

So far, investigations have shown that the basement of the Angle towers of Kenya Power’s High voltage power lines in Embakasi had been vandalized and the cross beams removed and unbolted, leading to the collapse that caused a major outage.

“Preliminary investigations and Interrogations of Kenya power personnel at the scene revealed that the basement of the Angle Towers of Kenya Power High voltage power lines had been vandalized and the cross beams removed/unbolted,” Kinoti said.

The probe showed that since the Angle Towers had been vandalized and bracings (tower members) they could not support the weight of the conductors which are very heavy and the tower itself.

“The team also established that the Angle towers caved in, the other towers failed to sustain the weight and also caved in,” Kinoti said citing a preliminary report from his detectives.

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