Listen To Lady Steezy’s ‘Abaningi’ Debut Single

Last week Friday, “multi-talented rising star” Lady Steezy released her debut single called ‘Abaningi’. This song is said to be a  fusion of Afro-pop and South African traditional sounds that will with no doubt get you on your feet… The song was produced by South African music producer “MSA” ,who has done a lot of work with musicians from across the globe, with Keyboard contributions from the talented Tshepo Keyz.

Naledi Dibodu, widely known as Lady Steezy started her music journey from an early age at her mother’s house in Embalenhle where she grew up. Her first professionally recorded song is said to have been done in 2015 and when asked about what inspires her music, and the idea behind her new ‘Abaningi’ song she had this to say:

The freedom of expression in forms of writing, music allows me to create memories of whatever I’m going through at the time but in a beautiful way.

Its also been shared that she is currently working on an EP which  will be released in June 2022 through her partnership with TheOriginalExperience. Yeah, we had a good time listening to this jam all because of Lady Steezy’s vocal performance on throughout the catchy instrumental. We’re keen to hear more come June with her EP.

Listen below:

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