Meet the Hot Los Angeles Rams Coach Winning Over Football Fans

Attention football fans: May we direct your eyes to the sidelines for an unexpected prize.

There’s no question that the NFL players who make up the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinatti Bengals deserve credit for an incredible season. But with every good team comes, perhaps, an even better coach. And for the Rams specifically, that coach sure has some fans talking.

In case you’re new to the game, may we introduce you to Sean McVay, a man who made history in 2017 when he became the youngest head coach at the age of 30.

The former Miami University wide receiver revitalized a team that once struggled to have a winning record. With a lot of hard work, he now may just be steps away from earning a Super Bowl trophy.

While his resume is impressive, others may be curious to know other things about the now 36-year-old. For starters, is he single?

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