Most popular search terms of 2022 revealed

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Everyone daydreams about owning a pool … even Tasmanians. Picture: Supplied

WHAT do you look for when window shopping the housing market?

It might be a specific suburb, the type of home, or perhaps the price range is most important. When it comes to features, there are specific things that get people excited, even though, in Tasmania, the most popular one makes little sense.

New PropTrack research has compared the most popular keyword search terms on in the first six months of 2021 and compared those to the first six months of this year.

In almost every state, “pool” was the No.1 search term. Tasmanian house hunters, I have a one-word question for you: why?

Pool was the top search for Tassie properties this year and last year, too. And looking at the search terms with the largest year-on-year growth, “swimming pool” searches jumped up by 68 per cent.

“It seems odd that pool is the most searched keyword for property seekers in Tasmania,” PropTrack director of economic research Cameron Kusher says.

“For the few months a year it is warm enough to swim, it seems people like to have the convenience to do so at home.

“Given that pools are the most common thing home hunters search for, it’s likely they would add value for a lot of people.

“No doubt for some people, a pool is not a desirable feature, but for others it is.”

PropTrack director of economic research Cameron Kusher.

The other curious aspect of people searching for pools in Hobart is that there are not that many to find.

A search found 22 results in greater Hobart for the word pool and 12 when searching for swimming pool. But when opening up the listings, only four properties actually had a pool.

It was more common to find notes in the listings that read along the lines of: “Walking distance to the local swimming pool” or “Room to build a dream pool”.

Meanwhile, the lifestyle on offer in Tasmania can be seen in the keywords that took out the Top 10. “View”, “waterfront” and “beach” were in the Top 5 while “water views” and “water view” also made the list.

“Garage” always places well in Tasmania and across the country; in 2022 it held its No.2 position on the Apple Isle chart.

People enjoying drinks by the swimming pool.

Luxury features “ensuite” and “outdoor area” round out the list, alongside “church”. People seem to love church conversions, and Tassie has had a wealth of them come to market and fetch top dollar this year.

The biggest change to the househunter wishlist were some terms that were not related to residential properties at all.

“Shopfront” was the term with the largest change, up 359 per cent year-on-year, followed by “industrial” (352 per cent), “arena” (325 per cent), “Airbnb” (181 per cent) and “DHA” (Defence Housing Australia) which climbed 146 per cent.

However, searches for “acre”, “develop” and “history” all declined, down between 72 and 85 per cent on the househunter priority list.

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