Namibia: Fish-Consumption Agency Comes of Age

THE Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) celebrated its 21st birthday under the theme ‘Twenty Fished’ on Monday.

The government agency under the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources was mandated to promote fish consumption in Namibia by making fish more accessible and affordable to all Namibians.

It has managed to establish 18 fish shops in all Namibia’s regions since 2001.

Board of trustee member Charlene Hartung this week said the trust would remain determined to increase the per capita consumption levels of fish across Namibia.

“We do this to address nutrition and food security, and alleviate extreme poverty in our communities by creating opportunities that enable them to generate income from reselling fish.

“To date, the NFCPT and critical players in the fishing industry have successfully increased the per capita fish consumption rate from 4kg per person at independence to 16,59kg at the end of March 2021. Our target is to attain a 20,4kg per capita fish consumption per person,” she said.

The target was to distribute 10 000 tonnes of horse mackerel, 360 tonnes of bycatches, and 24 000 tinned fish products. The trust sold 8 467 tonnes of horse mackerel, 425 tonnes of by-catches and 33 251 tinned fish products, compared to 9 937 tonnes of horse mackerel, 337 tonnes of bycatches and 19 356 tinned products recorded at the end of the 2020/21 financial year.

Chief executive officer Victor Pea was satisfied that fish sales have increased in various regions.