Namibia: No Room for Errors With Electricity

TECHNICIANS working with electricity cannot afford to make a single mistake with connections because that could be fatal.

This was said by young entrepreneur Erustus Erustus, who owns Netreg Electrical and Refrigeration Services, a Windhoek-based company, in an interview last Friday.

“Any bad connection can result in electrocution,” he said.

Erustus said technicians should continuously upgrade their knowledge in the electricity and technology sector to enhance their workmanship in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems.

“The underlying aim is not to be an instant millionaire, but to build the company’s reputation through good workmanship, then the money will come from satisfied customers,” said Erustus, who trained in electrical engineering at the College of Cape Town.

The company, which was established in 2018, employs four artisans, three of who are refrigeration and aircon technicians, he said.

Erustus believes young entrepreneurs should do research on new technology and continue learning about new developments in the sector.

He said his company is an electrical services provider specialising in refrigeration repairs and installations, wiring of new houses, as well as renovating buildings.

Netreg has also diversified into installing home automation systems.

“This is an installation that enables people to access gadgets in their homes on remote control through their cellphones.

“Say you want to switch your home aircon on or off from the office, you can do so through your phone and by the time you get home, the room temperature will be to your liking. The same applies for lights,” he added.

Erustus said the system also enhances home security because it can alert you when there is a burglary or any intrusion, and it can also be connected to a security company.

He, however, said home automation is still a new concept, and people are not yet very familiar with it. However, he believes that with time and marketing, it will become more prevalent.

The entrepreneur, who is an accredited installer of renewable energy systems for Furntech Agencies, believes that renewable energy has a future in Namibia.

“We import a lot of electricity from South Africa, and yet we are blessed with a lot of sunshine for solar energy and in the next 15 years, renewable energy systems will be the in-thing, as people who are off-grid move to access energy.”