New Balance Fresh Foam X1080 V12: New Heel + Great Responsive Cushioning

Fans Keep Coming Back 

The high stack with lots of cushioning is a feature that has created a huge following of this shoe with fans who keep coming back to the Fresh Foam feel that the New Balance 1080 has provided over the years. The New Balance Fresh Foam X1080 V12 has increased cushioning based on data that New Balance has been collecting to create a more natural feel. The 8mm drop and well balanced, dense, responsive midsole is suited to a vast array of runners, and the 1080 sits between the Fresh Foam 880 and the Fresh Foam More in terms of cushioning and firmness in the New Balance running range.    


The 1080v12 fine tunes the cushioning, weight, and flexibility ratio that makes the 1080 so adaptable to the stresses that occur during the course of a run. Signature Fresh Foam X cushioning technology is paired with a lightweight, engineered knit upper, focused on breathability and stretch, and strategic supporting elements.


  • Engineered Knit Upper
  • Fresh Foam X Midsole
  • 8mm Drop from a 37mm heel and 29mm forefoot
  • Rubber grippy outsole
  • No Sew Overlays help reduce hotspots 

The main change has been the heel where a more traditional heel replaces the V11 version. There is a lot of padding as well as a heel counter at the bottom for stability and reinforced plates on either side. A bevel shape rear creates a rocker motion to help through the heel-to-toe transition.  

The Hypoknit upper is super stretchy and will accommodate just about any foot shape and size, which is great news for those who struggle to find the perfect match to accommodate their specific foot shape, especially around the toes. 

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