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RBZ Govenor Function Charges Black-Market Rate

Good Morning Editor

I have a question/query I would like to extend to my fellow citizens through your platform which always gives a voice to the voiceless without fear or favour.

There is an event meant to discuss issues around the economy and the Govenor is the main speaker. They are charging $50 usd or $35000zwl which means they are using a rate of 700. The auction rate as at 14 June was 338 and my understanding is we are not meant to adopt any other in our trading. So what does it mean for us? The parallel market rate is not even 700 yet so should we then anticipate a further drop in currency value and are we now also allowed to trade using such rates? Isn’t this blasphemy then?
(If this passes as a matter you can post, please help me phrase it better?).

The function poster
The official RBZ rates

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