Release Palestinian detainees – envoy

Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Tamer Almassri has called on the Israeli Apartheid State to release Palestinian administrative detainees who were taken hostage by Israeli forces as the Palestinian occupation continues.

He said the embassy of the State of Palestine condemns the abominable Israeli occupation state’s practice of administrative detention that the occupying power uses as a tool of repression against Palestinians.

“We call for the immediate release of all Palestinian detainees including Hisham Abu Hawash languishing in hospital after an extensive hunger strike for 141 days which teetered him close to death this week. Hisham Abu Hawash, a father of five begun refusing food in August to protest Apartheid Israel state’s holding of him without charges or trial a practice of arresting suspects for renewable six-month terms without allowing them to view the charges or evidence against them,” he said.

He said Israel continues to use administrative detention to imprison more than 4600 Palestinians (1595 in 2021 only) including minors and elderly without charges, trials or convictions, all based on so called “classified secret information” that the detainees have no access to.

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