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Replacing white workers through EEB won’t work

8 April 2022

According to Radical Economic Transformation (RET) ideology, if there are more white people in desirable roles than the general proportion of white people in society then this is evidence of “hoarding” that must be stopped through social engineering by force.

The IRR opposes the Employment Equity Amendment Bill (EEB) as one such effort at social engineering, since it would impose discretionary nationwide race quotas and reintroduce the kind of pre-disqualification racial criteria that were recently struck down by the Constitutional Court.

But for the sake of debate, it is worth considering what benefit could possibly be achieved if a Minister really had the power to redistribute jobs from one race to another with the flourish of a pen.

The national unemployment rate is 46.2% (all unemployment rates on the expanded definition), while the black unemployment rate is 50.7%, with 11 175 000 working-age black South Africans being unemployed, according to Stats SA.

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