Rich Mnisi’s latest sexy fashion trend has social media drooling

Acclaimed fashion designer, trendsetter, and rule-breaker Rich Mnisi’s latest fashion trend had the tongues wagging on the streets of social media on Tuesday. 

Known for being among the many young designers putting forward African luxury brands, Rich Mnisi has been praised for his own collections worn by celebrities across the world. However, the designer’s personal looks and fashion statements get the same amount of attention. 

From reviving the speedo late last year, Mnisi’s latest adorned swimwear or underwear, depending on the angle you look from, is from a collection called “PEWTER” by Perferct Frame Aesthetics. 

The unique shade of blue bodysuit covers Mnisi’s well-chiselled physique, complete with matching gloves, a balaclava-inspired mask, and a G-string behind. 

The designer added Beyonce’s latest song BREAK MY SOUL as the soundtrack to his pics, inspired by one of the lyrics.

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“Worldwide hoodie with the mask outside in case you forgot how we act outside,” he wrote.

The set, consists of a singlet costing $213 (R3,407), Balaclava Mask, $108 (R1,728) and ‘Space’ gloves costing $148 (R2,368), bringing the grand total to R7,503. 

As expected Mnisi’s hot pictures set off a conversation on Twitter, leaving many hot under the collar as people unpacked every detail of this outfit, to how perfect his skin is. 

Mnisi didn’t mind that he was trending because of his latest post and said he loved the reactions.

As it is Pride Month, Rich Mnisi also has a collection to full of colour to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.

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“As inequality rages on so does our fight, but within it, we celebrate the small wins. We choose joy wherever it’s found. Beyond the struggling and striving, we keep hoping for a better future, one of peace and freedom for every identity. Happy Pride: Here’s to being,” he wrote on Twitter.

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