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“We had the most insane trip Kai, thank you so much for organising it, we have loved every second and frothing for next years one!” Mikey venter, the 2021 Digital Retro winner, who got flown down from Durban and stayed at the luxurious, Hout Bay Beach house. He also charged in the heavy conditions. 


The level of surfing was out the top drawer and some big performances were on display – to be honest everyone that paddled out was a winner when they made it back to the beach in one piece. Jonathan Khun was awarded the Super Style Award, Kira Hofmeyer charged some big lefts to get the Best Girl Award, Best Wipe went to, Harry Mosi and best tube went to Port Alfred local, Andrew Laverge (The guy ripped the whole day). 


The local lads were out to prove their knowledge of Llandudno would make the difference. Led by the Slijpen brothers, who showcased  what they are capable of and absolutely blew the large crowd away. However, it was Stellenbosch surfer, Steff Burrows, who went at it hammer and tongs in the big surf to claim the Best Surfer Award.

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