Slippery slope from Rama-phoria to Rama-problem – Pieter Groenewald

Pieter Groenewald |

15 February 2022

FF Plus leader says only thing that will save SA is a change in govt; not empty promises and hollow words

Country’s decline demonstrates the slippery slope from Rama-phoria to Rama-problem

14 February 2022

The president of a country is remembered for what he accomplished during his term in office. In President Cyril Ramaphosa’s case, South Africa’s decline since 2018 demonstrates a slippery slope from Rama-phoria to Rama-problem.

This is exemplified by the empty promises and undertakings that he has been making since his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) in 2018.

In 2018, President Ramaphosa undertook to lead South Africa down a path of growth, job creation and transformation by means of an inclusive social compact.

It was supposed to revolve around job creation, particularly for the youth. Four years down the line, though, reality paints a very different picture. In his first year – long before Covid-19 – growth decreased from 1,1% to 0,8%. In 2019, it declined even further to 0,113%.


In 2018, the unemployment rate was 27,1%, and the expanded unemployment rate was 37%. The unemployment rate has since skyrocketed to the most recent level of 34,9%, while the expanded unemployment rate stands at 46,6%.

The President has now finally acknowledged that it is not the government that must create jobs, but the private sector. Everyone already knows that. Has the President only recently come to this realisation or is the fact subtly and conveniently being used to shift the blame for the high level of unemployment to the private sector?

In his recent SONA, the President promised to establish a task team to address the issue of needless bureaucratic red tape. But he undertook the very same thing in 2020 when he promised that people would soon be able to register companies at the push of a button.

The only ones who benefited from this were the companies that were registered overnight to loot the Covid-19 emergency fund in the name of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). Needless red tape can be eliminated to a large extent by simply ensuring that all the existing departments function as they should.