Sydney Royal Easter Show stabbing: Pic shows knife before teenage boy killed

Footage has emerged of a Sydney Royal Easter Show attendee appearing to hold a knife in the moments before a brawl that left a teenage boy dead.

A shocking picture has emerged of the moments before a fatal fight broke out at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Monday, appearing to show a man holding a knife.

It’s since been revealed that police have arrested a 15-year-old teenager and are currently questioning him in relation to the incident.

Video and photographs of the fight, which saw a 17-year-old boy stabbed to death, have been widely shared on social media, with attendees expressing their horror at the events that unfolded.

One such picture shows a male in a black hoodie, black shorts and sneakers holding out a knife behind him as he moves with a group, along with the hand of another person rested on his back.

Another disturbing video shared on Facebook reveals a show antendee smiling widely, with bloodied hands, after being apprehended and put in handcuffs by police following the attack.

He is surrounded by people, with a crowd gathering shortly after the incident.

In the background, people can be heard screaming.

Police are yet to lay any charges in relation to the incident.

It’s understood two people were involved in a brawl before the stabbing took place. Footage from the scene shows one male punching the other in the ribs and in the head, before another rushes in to defend him.

Tragically, a 17-year-old boy was killed in the incident, after receiving a knife wound to the chest. He died en route to hospital, despite the best efforts of paramedics.

A 16-year-old boy is currently in a serious condition at Westmead Hospital after suffering a wound to the leg.

Inspector Mark Whittaker of NSW Ambulance said paramedics attempted to perform CPR and a number of other critical interventions on the 17-year-old before taking him to hospital.

“Unfortunately despite best efforts he couldn’t be resuscitated,” he said.

“There’s no doubt this would have been a very confronting scene for the dozens of witnesses who were out to enjoy an evening at the Royal Easter Show.”

Another man was taken to Auburn Police Station after being arrested by NSW Police.

In response to the incident, the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), which run the Sydney Royal Easter Show, has said they are “shocked and saddened” by the incident.

“Our sympathies are extended to the family and loved ones of the deceased person,” the statement said.

“The RAS does not tolerate or condone any violence or anti-social behaviour and we join with NSW Police and the wider community in condemning this appalling behaviour and unnecessary loss of life.”

They also confirmed that the adult carnival portion of the show will remain closed on Tuesday, April 12 as police continue to investigate the incident.

Easter show hit with 20-person brawl in 2021

In light of the fatal brawl that occured on Monday, many people recalled the large fight that errupted at the Royal Easter Show in 2021.

Up to 20 people were involved in the clash, on the last day of the show, which left a 17-year-old male and a 20-year-old male with slash wounds to the shin.

Speaking to 7News at the time, NSW Police said it took authorities up to an hour to break up the brawl. Officers also found a 15cm knife in nearby parkland after the incident.

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