Tammy Hembrow breastfeeding photo targeted by “creepy” trolls

An innocent picture of Tammy Hembrow breastfeeding her baby girl has been targeted by “sick trolls” who left creepy comments about her body.

The 28-year-old influencer is currently in Bali on a fitness retreat with fiance Matt Poole and her three young children.

The mum welcomed her second daughter Posy back in June this year, famously sharing her “real and raw” birth video online – her first “natural” birth after having her two older children, Wolf, six, and Saskia, five, via C-section.

Her latest post was captioned “Beach day w my beach bae” and featured the first image of her breastfeeding Posy while enjoying an outing at the beach.

The other snaps in the post included her in a Pink bikini with Posy, her older children having fun, and a picture of her lunch.

While many comments praised Tammy for normalising breastfeeding with the photo, the post was also inundated with perverted comments that sexualised the act.

“What a very lucky kid” one troll said.

“I wish I was that baby.”

“Easy there baby, save some for me” another commented.

“I’m trying to be that baby for real.”

“Let that baby know it’s my turn after she’s done” commented one troll.

“I go next, I’m thirsty too” replied another.”

“I’m hungry, I want some milk” said another.

The vile comments kept rolling in, but many of Tammy’s followers were quick to shut them down.

“Stop sexualising something so natural” one said.

“It’s disgusting. What if someone said that about your wife.”

“Are you men really into a woman feeding her child?” asked another.

“You all need professional help. Gross.”

“This is the most natural thing in the entire world,” said another.

“Thank you Tammy for normalising breastfeeding.”

At the time of writing, the influencer had not yet addressed the vile comments.

The Queenslander has been applauded for being so open and honest about her motherhood journey.

Tammy made headlines back in June after sharing footage from the birth of her baby girl, one week on from the dramatic event.

The fitness mogul opened her 10-minute YouTube video by announcing just before 11pm she was in labour with painful contractions, and would take a shower before heading to hospital.

Tammy was then shown sitting in the shower listening to a meditation track.

Her sister Emilee Hembrow addressed followers at 12.30am while walking into the hospital from the carpark with her pregnant sister, her fiance Matt Poole, and their other sister Amy Hembrow.

The group stopped incrementally as contractions came, with Matt using a pressure technique on his partner’s lower back to help alleviate some pain.

By 1am, Tammy was four centimetres dilated and was filmed bent over in the hospital shower while Amy held running water over her back.

She then had some electric pulse patches applied to her back as her body entered the “transition” phase about 1.30am.

Emilee announced the baby’s head was “coming out”, and with a few final pushes, Posy was born at 1.55am.

Medical staff quickly cleaned her of blood and Amy stepped up to cut the umbilical cord.

After a few brief moments in shock, Posy let out her first big cry and was lifted further up onto her mum’s chest.

“We did it, well I did it,” Tammy told viewers while holding her feeding newborn in one hand and a camera in the other.

At the end of the video she revealed that a few hours after the birth she “started haemorrhaging”.

“It was quite scary and painful and I lost almost two litres of blood but the doctors got it under control in a few hours,” she wrote.

“Overall I’m so happy with the birth and so blessed baby girl is here and healthy.”

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