Tanzania: Jica Commits to Continue Supporting Transport Sector

THE Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has Organised Kick-off Meeting on Detail Planning Survey for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) project for Dar es Salaam Region.

According to a statement released and signed by JICA official Henry Kajange, TOD is one of the strategies proposed in Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Master Plan supported by JICA in 2018.

JICA has been supporting the transport sector in the country for over 40 years. Presently JICA has, upon the request of the government been engaged in the TOD project for Dar es Salaam.

“On December 28th, 2021 JICA Tanzania Office organised a kick-off meeting on the detail planning survey for TOD project for Dar es Salaam Region, which was very successful. Various stakeholders at- tended the meeting physically and virtually,” reads part of the statement.

In attendance included officials from President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Governance (PO- RALG), Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human

Settlement Development, Dar Rapid Transit (DART) Agency, Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC), National Institute of Transport (NIT), Tanzania National Roads Agency (TAN- ROADS) and Dar es Salaam City Council.

“JICA extended its sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Institutions for attending and actively participating in the meeting. Their contributions were fruitful and constructive,” reads the statement.

Chief Executive of DART Agency Dr Edwin Mhede said TOD is meant to add value to public transport such as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), it is also a policy which enables to generate income through value addition to the public transport.

“So much time is being lost in the transport sector due to myriad of challenges… it is high time to move fast with the project until it is implemented,” he said.

Senior Director of Urban Development Group, JICA headquarters in Tokyo Ms Tsuboike Asuka said, “Detail Planning Survey Mission will be dispatched to Tanzania from Japan in mid-January 2022. The purpose of the mission is to review existing information and data, formulate project scope to be implemented, identifying key issues on implementation of the project and propose recommendations.

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