The Great Retain: How to keep your best talent right now

From an Aussie unicorn with an award-winning culture that 97 per cent of its employees rate as ‘great’, to a rising fintech star building staff loyalty as its teams grow, we’re unpacking the secrets of employee engagement, company culture and talent retention with the best of the best.

Startup Daily, in partnership with modern HR platform HiBob, invites you to our FREE one-hour webinar, The Great Retain: How to keep your best talent right now at 12:00PM AEST on Wednesday 3 August to hear from industry experts about how to tackle talent churn and burn in these uncertain times.

Retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges facing Australia and New Zealand’s startup ecosystem today. Employee priorities have changed with The Great Reshuffle kerfuffle. Teams are more dispersed than ever with remote working. In the new world of work, People & Culture leaders face fresh challenges in creating cultures of ‘stayers’, not players.

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