UFC 276: Alexander Volkanovski defeats Max Holloway, video, reaction, broken hand

Alexander Volkanovski silenced every UFC doubter with a savage display, after the fight the Aussie champ made a startling revelation.

Alexander Volkanovski showed he’s on a different level on Sunday as he completely decimated Max Holloway to retain his featherweight championship.

The trilogy fight between the two warriors was one-way traffic as Volkanovski picked the challenger apart and left him a bloodied mess.

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Holloway will go down in the UFC record books as one of the all-time best featherweights, but Volkanovski made him look like an amateur at UFC 276 leaving fight fans in disbelief.

From the opening bell right through until the final bell it was a clinic from Volkanovski as he recorded the unanimous decision victory (50-45 x3).

“Let them boo, stand up for yourself. Whether you hate me or love me, stand up for yourself,” Volkanovski said straight after the fight into the camera.

Holloway was left a battered man as the decision was read out with Volkanovski opening a nasty cut over Holloway’s left eye with a brutal right hand in the second round.

The Aussie champ hit the challenger with shots from every angle and left no doubt he is the best in the world and arguably the greatest featherweight the UFC has seen.

Rogan said: “This performance tonight has been extraordinary. This is the best we’ve seen him look.

“We’ve never seen Holloway this busted up before. His face is messed up.”

Cormier said: “I’m in awe at his improvements. Volkanovski has never looked better”.

The Aussie in his post-fight interview said he was ready to step up to the lightweight division and claim a second belt as he called out Charles Oliveira.

Volkanovski’s unbelievable demolition job on Holloway goes to an even greater level as he dropped a staggering bomb walking out of the arena.

“I f***ing broke my hand in the first round,” Volkanovski says as he looked at his left hand.

Holloway refused to fall as the onslaught from Volkanovski continued deep into the 24th minute of the fight.

Fans were left in awe by the masterclass display the Aussie champion put on as he recorded his 12th straight UFC fight win and becomes the first fighter in UFC history to defeat the same opponent three times in title fights.

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