Victorian parents banned from entering children’s schools if not triple-vaccinated

Thousands of parents across Victoria will be completely banned from entering school grounds unless they are triple-vaccinated.

Thousands of parents will be banned from entering and attending events at their children’s schools across Victoria after a new vaccine mandate comes into effect.

The mandate states all parents, volunteers and visitors at state schools will have to be triple-vaccinated by March 15 if they want to enter school grounds.

This means parents who do not have the booster will not be allowed to attend events such as concerts, award nights and school fetes with their children.

Teaching and support staff have also been advised they must have their booster shot by March 15 in order to keep their jobs.

The March 15 mandate only affects state schools while private schools are being encouraged to adopt similar measures.

Only 51.6 per cent of Victorian adults have received their third vaccination, meaning half of all parents across the state will soon be banned from campus grounds.

Originally published as Parents banned from entering Victorian schools if they aren’t triple-vaccinated

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