WA COVID-19 plan ‘lacks transparency’

Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan is facing rare backlash from the public over a lack of transparency around the state’s reopening in less than two weeks.

Pressure has been mounting on the government to release modelling and further detail about what the reopening plan will look like, however the Health Minister didn’t give a date for when further information would be provided to the public.

The public, businesses and leaders have all criticised the lack of detail, with the Australian Medical Association’s WA President having been outspoken about his desire for the information to be released.

The West Australian newspaper has lodged several freedom of information requests, which has been backed by WA Liberal leader David Honey, who has said he would also put multiple FOI requests forward.

He said the McGowan government is the least transparent of any government in the state’s history, and is urging the government to be more forthcoming with information.

Concerns have also been raised about the Chief Health Officer’s media presence, with Dr Andy Robertson having been absent from several press conferences in recent weeks.

The AMA WA President Mark Duncan-Smith has said he believes the CHO is being gagged by the state government, a claim which has been refuted by the Health Minister, who said she consults with Dr Robertson several times a day.

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