WCape premier’s budget to up allocation towards risk mitigation – Alan Winde

Alan Winde |

29 March 2022

Cyber security breaches pose a significant threat to govt in province

Premier Alan Winde: Western Cape Office of the Premier Prov Budget Vote 2022/23

29 March 2022

Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members, Members of the Media,

And to all who call the Western Cape home.

The vision of this Department is to enable and lead a capable Western Cape Government. We aim to do so by embedding a culture of innovation and collaboration in all that we do. To achieve this, we are guided by our values of being a caring, competent, innovative, responsive, and accountable government that acts with integrity.

We are driving innovation and collaboration within this government by leading the response to the Provincial Strategic Plan, the Provincial Recovery Plan, and by driving the Vision-Inspired Priorities (VIP 5) which aims to promote a culture of collaboration and innovation.


The Department does this by providing support in corporate services including legal services, corporate communications, human resources, internal auditing, enterprise risk management, provincial forensic services, and IT support.

To ensure that we deliver these critical services, the department’s main budget allocation for 2022/23 is R1.825 billion. I am pleased to note that this is a 4.6% increase from the 2021/22 adjusted budget and will assist us in service delivery risk mitigation and the implementation of VIP 5 or creating a culture of innovation and collaboration.

By increasing our allocation towards risk mitigation, we will be able to prevent breaches and targeted cybercrimes. Cyber security breaches pose a significant threat to the Western Cape Government and residents who are becoming increasingly dependent on our digital channels. That is why information security has now been elevated to a provincial strategic risk.

During the past year alone, two significant cyber-attacks were successfully thwarted. We do, however, expect that this will increase due to a growing trend in cyber-attacks worldwide and we must ensure that we prevent breaches that would bring our government to a standstill, as seen during the attack on the Port of Cape Town – halting exports.