‘We saw a number of British institutions at their very best’: Douglas Murray

Author Douglas Murray has reflected on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and the occasion at large – saying the day saw a number of British institutions “at their very best”.

“For me, the extraordinary thing about the day was not just again the opportunity to reflect on the legacy of Elizabeth II and indeed to think forward as so many people have,” Mr Murray told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

“But to reflect on one of the things that the Queen said several times in her Christmas messages – which was to remind us not to throw out things just because newfangled ideas come in.

“And today we saw a number of British institutions – perhaps all of them – at their very best.

“And Britain and Britishness has been undergoing a very strange business in the last 20 years – forever questioning itself, forever saying ‘what are we? Who are we?’.

“And really, the answer was there today – Britain is a set of institutions which reciprocates the public, it mirrors the public.

“The public are the institutions; the institutions are the public.”

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