We’ve adequate stocks of vehicle plates: Govt

TRANSPORT and Infrastructural Development minister Felix Mhona yesterday said the country had 12 000 number plates in stock to meet demand, hence the blitz on unregistered vehicles in the country would continue until all motorists complied.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Mhona said so far, police had netted more than 1 000 motorists nationwide that were driving unregistered vehicles, adding that he was fully supportive of the police blitz.

Police last week warned motorists against using plate-less unregistered vehicles as some of them were allegedly being used in criminal activities.

“The Ministry of Transport notes the current blitz on unregistered vehicles by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ministry is in full support of the blitz by the law enforcement agents following prior warnings to the public to register their vehicles,” Mhona said.

“The ministry informs the public that the blitz on unregistered vehicles will continue until full compliance is achieved.”

He said the country had 12 000 number plates in stock to meet demand, adding that another batch of 25 000 number plates would be available from January 27.

“The ministry would like to inform motorists and the nation at large that the country has adequate number plates in stock and these are issued at the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) and its agencies, namely the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) and ZimPost,” Mhona said.

“The ministry also notes the tendency by citizens not to collect number plates even after paying for them. Currently, we have 1 100 number plates that have been processed and are ready for collection.”

He advised motorists to check with CVR and collect their number plates, adding that going forward, CVR would only be responsible for issuing number plates to corporates, government departments, diplomats and also do replacements of lost number

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