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Woman, Two Minors Booted Out

By A Correspondent- A city woman claims her husband chased her away from their matrimonial home, together with her two children, at night.

Nyasha Chimanga revealed this at the Harare Civil Court, where she applied for a protection order, against Talent Kafira.

Nyasha told the court Talent chased her away from their house, while they were enjoying their supper.

She alleged her husband was in the habit of assaulting her, in front of their two minor children.

“I can’t keep on tolerating this kind of behaviour anymore.

“Currently, I am staying at my mother’s house because he chased me away at night, together with our children, and locked the gate.

“The worst part is that he did not even give us time to finish the food.

“He threw our food outside and forced us to leave the house at night,” claimed Nyasha.

In response, Talent told the court it was a mistake, since he was emotional, about his wife’s behaviour.

He claimed they were having marital issues and he wanted to engage their families. I am a human being and I make mistakes. I over reacted that night, that’s all l can say,” he said.

In her ruling, magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the protection order in Nyasha’s favour.

– H Metro

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