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Zanu Pf Red Flag Its Youths Over Violence Threat

By Samantha Kagora| Mashonaland Central self styled prophet-cum politician Cde Tsungai Makumbe has come under fire after sending chilling threats to youths in the province amid a series of allegations including cheating on his CV he has submitted vying for the national Youth League commissariat.

Makumbe who runs an Apostolic sect is also accused of buying his way through the political ladder which has seen members of the youth league in the province raising an outcry over the foul bending of democratic processes required for mobilisation of the 5 million votes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the 2023 elections due to ‘dollar power’.

Traditionally, the province is allocated the commissariat a powerful position that was once held by ousted Godfrey Tsenengamu.“

Speculation is that the province was promised to be allocated the commissariat slot but that was under the anticipation that the party’s key cadre and ZICCOSU leader Pijiwest Nhamburo qualified to which things did not turn out as such, he was the preferred national candidate.“

The race is alleged to have been compromised by the pumping of money to curtail others and as youths we are worried over the continued downfall of the party due to the dollar power where we are ending up with less experienced cadres leading us at a time when there is an existential threat ahead of the 2023 elections,” reveal a party official in the province.

Further worries are rising after it was revealed that Makumbe who is not a holder of any ‘O’ Level certificate cheated in his latest CV submission where the competition is crunch as the party is cherry picking academically fit youths to propel the Vision 2030 agenda.“

“We have also highlighted the issue of lying to the party, we know some of our candidates did not even seat for an O level exam and records are very clear about that and the party recently raised the issue of academically fit candidates to occupy positions for the health of the party.“

Selection of candidates based on qualifications is a noble idea as it will ensure that competent people rather than those who benefit from patronage and popularity, run the affairs of the party,” added the source.

Recently the youths red flagged Makumbe after he send a chilling threat via a voice note to one of the youth on the party’s WhatsApp group platform something which has further exposed his violent despotic natureIn one of the leaked voice notes the self styled prophet is heard aggressively telling one of the youths only identified as Tungamirai that something can happen to him in three days if he keeps on expressing ideas which Makumbe dismissed as unwanted talk.“

Cde, we heard what you said but be quiet now and listen to what i have said and only support the party in silence…your issues of denigrating the party we do not like them but if you continue we will see what happens ahead otherwise be silent now and listen to our protocol.“

“I now have the power and I know how to use it, i do not tolerate such nonsense otherwise if you continue saying this talk i am giving you an ultimatum of three days and see what happens,” said Makumbe in vernacular Shona.

However another youths registered worry over such uncouth threats, “ Cde here is out-of order. @Tungamirai as a youth has the right to agitate for what he believes is right. I think this amounts to pure abuse of power.”

“Kasi munoda kuti tiite youth ingazeyewo zvirikuitika munyika with objectivity? Kana zvirizvo vapinda muzvigaro tiudzei tizive.

Gracco’s were very valid, and in all broad sense of the word helps us to navigate through our challenges and come up with a solution.

“Yes power mavenaro but musatityisidzire and ridiculing us from discussing issues objectively. Again mamwe matsiuriro aya anoita kuti vamwe tive resentful, let’s at the end of the day understand that we’re all Zanu PF Cdes position or no position,” wrote another youth identified as Chirunga.

Meanwhile, Makumbe who is also one of the artisanal miners gang wrecking havoc in Mazowe is not knew to controversy as he has been on a long wanted lists for a spat of criminals activities that he pays for protection fee to a number of known police officers in the province and mainly Mazowe district.

“Despite him being one of us we know his tendencies of extreme violence and crime including chilling stories of brutalisation to the people, we are worried of such rogue approach to Zanu Pf politics, we do not want to say much but the records at ZRP in Mazowe and across the provinces speaks of his notoriety.“

He is currently wrecking havoc in the Rosa Mines where he has been grabbing mining pits using threats and name dropping some high powered names which we cant reveal for the sake of protecting our party dignity,” said the source.

Makumbe boasts of his strong links to the royal family of the Mazowe Negomo clan.

In 2018 during primary elections, Makumbe allegedly fired a gun after an altercation with the current Mazowe Central MP Sydney Chidamba at a Nzvimbo High School, he also has a pending case in which he attacked a fellow prophet of Vadzidzi VaJesu over a land issue in his rural area with several cases reported to the police but swept under the carpet.

This publication could not get a comment from Makumbe as his phone was not being answered.

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