ZULO spreads love and positivity as he hosts games night in “Love Your Life” video

It’s all smiles and laughs in ZULO’s music video for “Love Your Life”, as the South African rapper and music producer hosts a casual games night with a couple of friends. The retro-style approach makes for a soft authentic experience that radiates positive energy, perfectly capturing the warm message of the song.

Directed by Nicom Muza, ZULO shares the screen with some familiar faces including fellow Johannesburg south future stars PhilaBoi K and D.O.X, who assisted the song with additional vocals, and YFM DJ Fif_Laaa. Amapiano superstar Meneer Cee makes an unexpected cameo as a nosey neighbour trying to shut down the party, while rapper Nu Edison joins in on the good times, even beating ZULO in a game of Jenga!

“We didn’t want to overthink this one. We wanted something very similar to ‘Summertime’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, something that just felt real and fun.” ZULO explains, “everybody actually played the games around me, which was difficult when there’s some coloured guy rapping while you’re trying to explain the capital of Japan.”

The video concludes in ZULO throwing one of the guests into the pool, causing him to fall in with her with all their clothes on as the rest of the party joins them, while Meneer Cee is given a pep talk before commanding that they “talk to him naace”. The single expected to appear on ZULO’s debut EP Talk to Me Naace on April 22.

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