Zwelethu Radebe returns from Netflix series to direct Lunch Bar ad featuring local legend Khuli Chana

Egg Films’ Zwelethu Radebe, in collaboration with the team at Ogilvy Johannesburg, delivers an inspirational piece of storytelling for Lunch Bar’s ‘Behind Every Legend’ commercial. The spot pays homage to a South African legend, Khuli Chana, and those who helped him reach the top. A moving reminder that even the very best are nothing without others.

Zwelethu takes us on a journey through time to relive the moments that shaped award winning rapper ad songwriter Khuli Chana. His neighbour, his teacher, friends, and those he worked with in studio, all played a pivotal role in Khuli’s career. These people are the legends behind the legend, those who made him who he is today.

After spending the past six month directing a series for Netflix, an opportunity to truly flex and hone his emotive storytelling abilities, Zwelethu is excited to return to commercials directing for Lunch Bar.

He said: “An important aspect to Khuli’s journey is those who have played a role in his upbringing. There’s a greater message that’s being told through Lunch Bar and Khuli, a story of upliftment, never giving up and never losing your child like imagination.

Ogilvy Johannesburg Creative Directors, Clint Bechus änd Coenie Grebe weighed in: “Describing what Zwelethu brought to this advert would be a mistake, as it is really something that needs to be experienced. He got the most out of the talent, brought the journey to life and captured the soul of each time period.

“Most importantly, he had a ‘vision’ for the sound. By putting his passion for music into the piece, he created something unique and to hear it in all its glory is something else. It’s great to work with someone so positive who has a vision for an advert from pre-prod to post.”

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